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An Pair of Old Staffordshire Spaniels (different) 34 cm / (13 1/2 inch)
Two "married" spaniels from different production. White clay and glaze. Handpainted and gold decorated. The left dog with handpainted eyes, the right one with glass eyes. No maker´s mark. Height 34 cm (13 1/2 inch). Unknown age, but for sure older than 70 years.

Condition: No damage or crack. The gilding is partly rubbed, the left front paw from the right dog looks little brownish. The glaze of both is very fine crackled. All in all in very good condition and clean.

EURO: 450,00

(inkl. MwSt.(Differenzbesteuerung) zzgl. Euro 7,- Versandkosten für ein Paket innerhalb Deutschlands)