The label IKORA was used by the "Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik" WMF as trade name for a wide range of glass- and metalware.
The manufactory published a newssheet called "Ikora-Berichte" for further information of the retailers. This paper contains information about the item, window display decoration, prices etc.. The first volume was published in 1929. Here are shown some copies of the first volumes from 1929-1030. I don´t know how long this paper did exist.

"Ikora-Berichte" may be very interesting for friends of IKORA as it shows a really wide production range. The most items are metalware. The glass objects are shown in between, and therefore I think it is the best to post the whole volume of each issue.

Jan Kilian



Aus den Kunstgewerblichen Metall- und Glaswerkstätten der
Württembergischen Metallwarenfabrik Geislingen-Steige"

1. Year, Vol. 1., October 1929 4 pages

1. Year, Vol. 2., November 1929 "Was bedeutet Ikora?" 4 pages

1. Year, Vol. 3., November 1929 "Schaufenster-Sondernummer", 4 pages

1. Year, Vol. 4., November 1929 "Lichtträger-Sondernummer 1 ", 8 pages

1. Year, Vol. 5., January

1930 "Ascher - Kästen - Leuchter", 9 pages

1. Year, Vol. 6.,December 1930 Beilage "Myra-Blau"

"Geislinger Edelpatina - Myrakristall. Neue Wege im Kunstgewerbe" 10 pages